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    These are secial program which are not supposed to be practiced by normal programmer. Even these question are asked during interviews and quizs.
    Some question are:
    How to print 0 if input is even and 1 if input is odd?
    How to divide any number with 256 without using arithmetic operator?
    Category: Programming | Views: 1939 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-10-06 | Comments (0)

    Creating BarCode using VB.Net. or Barcode and Vb.Net.

    In this project we used font which is added to font at run time. It is barcode font it convert entered text in form of Barcode value. There is file name "rmad " this must be copied into Debug folder of project so that font could be at installed run time. After generation of Barcode equivalent value and image would be created in Debug folder automatically containing Barcode value. You could download whole project as well as rmad file if need it explicitly otherwise it is already in project Debug folder.

    I am using visual studio 2010. I have converted this project compatible to framework version 2.0 but still if it doesn’t work. Then just follow the steps and create your own project. This code is acceptable to all ... Read more »

    Category: Programming | Views: 3227 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-10-05 | Comments (0)

    Writing Text to image using Vb.Net Or writing text to image .net Or writing to image file .Net
    You can write text to image pro grammatically using VB.Net. This is sample code in VB.Net.
    Namespace required:

    Imports System.Drawing

    Imports System.Drawing.Imaging

    Source Code:

           Dim objBitmap As New Bitmap(100, 50)

            Dim objGraphics As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(objBitmap)

            Dim objPoint As New PointF(5.0F, 5.0F)

    ... Read more »

    Category: Programming | Views: 1799 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-10-05 | Comments (1)

    Add font at run time .Net Or Font VB Net Or Install Font run time
    You could install or add font at run time for particularly use in your project. This sample code is for installing font to project at run time in Vb.Net.
    Namespace required:

    Imports System

    Global Declaration:

       Dim PFC As Drawing.Text.PrivateFontCollection

      Dim NewFont_FF As Drawing.FontFamily        

    ... Read more »
    Category: Programming | Views: 1857 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-10-05 | Comments (0)

    Editing Registry using .net

    For editing registry using .net you need to import microsot.win32 namespace. The Microsoft.Win32 namespace provides two types of classes: those that handle events raised by the operating system and those that manipulate the system registry.

    In editing registry we have to do following operations. Those are:

    Creating Subkey:

    First you have to import Microsoft.win32 namespace. Then declare a variable of type registry key. Do as guided in code.

    VB.Net code

    Imports Microsoft.Win32

    Public Class Pathcreater

    Private sub subkey_creator()

            Dim regKey ... Read more »

    Category: Programming | Views: 1769 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-10-05 | Comments (0)

    Reading Doc and Docx using .Net

    There is no open source doc and docx reader. So you could use richtextbix for reading doc and docx reader.

    Code for reading doc and docx file:

                RichTextBoxPrintCtrl1.Text = ""


                Dim wd As New Word.Application

                With wd

      &n ... Read more »

    Category: Programming | Views: 1619 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-10-05 | Comments (0)

    Reading  PDF documents using .Net

    For this you could prefer active control of existing reader. For this you could use active control of Adobe reader. But if you use adobe or any other active then that software must be installed on the system where you have to use your project having their active.

    Coding for reading PDF document:


                AxAcroPDF1.src = Path

                AxAcroPDF1.setShowToolbar(True ... Read more »

    Category: Programming | Views: 1725 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-10-05 | Comments (0)

    Using excel as database using vb.Net Or excel and VB.Net

    Solution code:

    Imports System.Data.Oledb

    Public class form1

    Private Const connstring As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _

    "Data Source=c:\Test.xls;Extended Properties=""Excel 8.0;HDR=YES;"""

    ... Read more »

    Category: Programming | Views: 1530 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-10-05 | Comments (0)

    Printing Windows form directly using .Net Or Printing without crystal report .Net

    Solution code in VB.Net:

    Imports System.Drawing.Printing

    Imports System.Drawing.Graphics

    Imports System.Drawing.Imaging

    Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices

    Public Class Form1

    Move to this page for this solution. Click Here
    Category: Programming | Views: 1822 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-10-05 | Comments (0)

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