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  • Show data or details in horizontal layout in SSRS

    To show data in horizontal layout like mentioned below:

    Example 1:

    Step 1: Drag matrix

    Step 2: Select column to be displayed horizontally in column group.

    Step 3: Delete row group 

    Step 4: Delete Column header but delete only row not associated group.


    Example 2:

    Step 1: Generate a view with row number and column which you want to use horizontally.

    CREATE view CustWithRow
    SELECT      row_number() over(order by customerid) rownum,  CompanyName 
    FROM            Customers

    Step 2: Generate output using PIVOT operator.

    CREATE VIEW DynamicCol
    [1] [Col1],[2] [Col2],[0] [Col3]
    (SELECT CompanyName, rownum%3 rownum,row_number() over(partition by  rownum%3 order by CompanyName) rn
        FROM CustWithRow) AS SourceTable
    max( CompanyName)
    FOR rownum IN ([0],[1],[2])
    ) AS PivotTable;

    Step 3: Use view directly on report.

    Note: For learning PIVOT in detail click here.




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