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  • How to improve logic building ?

    Note: Watch video before reading text below.

    • Now concept of logic building is not so complex and not so simple.
    • We will not work on how to make logic program in C ?
    • We will study how to build complex logic in SQL, .NET, JAVA or any other major technologies in market.

    Main Part:

    • Main part in logic building under all technologies is LIBRARY DEFINED FUNCTIONS.
    • This is the main thing I will explain you with different examples in complete lecture.

    Example to cover:

    • Note: Example will be common for Java too just syntax changes. Purpose of these example is to show you how to make complex logic easily.
    • SQL library defined functions.
    • C# library defined functions.

    Different SQL library defined functions:

    • Row_number()
    • Rank()
    • Dense_Rank()
    • Year()
    • Month()
    • Substring()
    • CharIndex(), etc

    Different .NET library defined functions:

    • .Contains()
    • .Where()
    • String.Concat()
    • .Count
    • .Length
    • .toUpper()
    • .toLower()
    • .toString(), etc

    So start learning:

    • Library defined function. You just need to know what this function do. Don’t have cram to learn. Just remember, what function do ?
    • Because if you will face any task which has task which match definition of function then you can make easy and right code.

    Data Structure:

    • Do practice general sorting and searching function. They will help you in logic building. But now use library defined  functions to do that for you.
    • Example….
    • Orderby(), contains(), etc.


    • When you are on advance programming platform, then stop using basic programming approach. Make optimized code. Which is easy to understand and more meaning full.
    • Hope this lecture will help you in learning logic building.

    click here to download files.

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