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    Windows registry is a place where all windows components are registered. Window registry is also used to keep security setting. Viruses make changes in windows registry which make your system to do fishy things. You can your self give treatment to your infected system. You can recover from fishy state to normal working state. Windows registry is very easy to use and learn. With that you could  develop your own security program. You can also manage registry pro-grammatically. Here you would be given different programs of different programming language, with which you could manage, program, control and manipulate registry. With registry you could develop secret or restricted areas in your system to which only you could have access.

    Here you would be give with direct solution to registry. But if you need stuff with deep description then you could contact us via email, we would surely provide you appropriate articles.

    For starting registry program.
    Step 1. Go to Run
    Step 2. Type REGEDIT and press ok.


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