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  • Main » 2014 » June » 2 » Get scheduled records from database - make report scheduler
    0:12 AM
    Get scheduled records from database - make report scheduler

    Below is script you can use to get scheduled records:

    -- Table you requre to hold schedule time and other information
    -- you can add other columns too to suite your requirements. 
    -- Main columns are scheduletype :  it hold information if schedule is daily, weekly or monthly
    -- Scheduletime : Time when you need to send report
    -- Scheduleday : Day of week or month you want to fire report
    -- for week Sunday holds value 1, monday 2, ... saturday equal 7 and repeat for next week from 1 to 7
    -- for month value for scheduleday is for day of month means 1 is 1st day of month 
    -- for daily its value doesn't matter
    -- other columns are just dependent on requirement
    create table #scheduletable
    reportname varchar(100),
    scheduletime time,
    scheduletype varchar(10),
    scheduledate date,
    scheduleday int,
    userid int
    --Note: I am using temporary table. Use table according to your needs.

    -- Now insert some values using query below into table
    insert into #scheduletable values('report1','2:32:00','monthly',getdate(),2,2), 

    -- Now for getting records form database you need three things in 3 parts query
    -- schedule time as you will run scheduler after fixed interval suppose 30 minutes 
    -- so you need query to pull reports details which are scheduled in time interval
    -- current time to current time + 30 minutes
    -- also records for scheduled day for current week and month
    -- example if today is sunday then records with scheduleday 1 for scheduletype monthly and daily
    -- will come if their schedule time come between current time range we are using

    -- Note: I am using static time so that query could pull records according to entries in table

    -- Start time and end time declaraction and initiallization
    -- you have to use query above each time to initialize dynamic time to get records in real time

    --Start batch to execute queries 
    --getdate() method get you current date and time
    --select from next line to comment end line. All line are part of one query.
    declare @starttime time(0)='2:14:00'
    -- you have use 
    -- declare @starttime time(0)=convert(time(0),getdate())

    -- end time we will calculate with adding 30 minutes to current time
    declare @endtime time(0)=dateadd(minute,30,@starttime)

    --below is query to get day of week 
    --select datepart("dw",getdate())
    --below is query to get day of month
    --select datepart("dd",getdate())

    --query to get records from table. Query is using  UNION ALL as query is combination of 3 queries.
    --one query gets you daily schedule records
    --one gets you monthly 
    --one gets you weekly

    select * from #scheduletable where scheduletype='Daily' and scheduletime between @starttime and @endtime
    union all
    select * from #scheduletable where scheduletype='Weekly' and scheduletime between @starttime and @endtime
    and scheduleday=datepart("dw",getdate())
    union all
    select * from #scheduletable where scheduletype='monthly' and scheduletime between @starttime and @endtime
    and scheduleday=datepart("dd",getdate())-1

    --end line

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