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  • Main » 2012 » November » 6 » ASP.NET Dynamic Data Website. Or ASP.NET Website in one click
    11:01 PM
    ASP.NET Dynamic Data Website. Or ASP.NET Website in one click

    ASP.NET Dynamic Data is used to create data-driven web applications with minimal coding. ASP.NET Dynamic Data have the advantage of using all capabilities of the Dynamic Data Framework. You can also add specific capabilities of Dynamic Data to an existing Web application, such as:
    • Web scaffolding, which is a mechanism to enhance the existing ASP.NET page Framework by dynamically display webpages based on the data model. Web scaffolding involves running a Web Application by reading the underlying database schema. Dynamic Data Scaffolding can generate a standard user interface(UI) from the data model.
    • Full access to data operations (such as CREATE, DELETE, UPDATE, REMOVE and DISPLAY), relational operations, and data validation.
    • Support for foreign-key relationships that allows Dynamic Data to detect the relationships among tables and create a UI that facilitates users to view data from related tables.
    • Ability to customize the UI that is rendered to display and edit specific data Fields of a specific table.
    • Ability to customize data field validation. This allow you to hold the business logic in the data layer without involving the presentation layer.

    There are three layers in the ASP.NET Dynamic Data Framework architecture, which are as follows:

    • Presentation Layer
    • Data Layer
    • Data Source Mapping Layer
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